About CovidSafe™ Online Training

CovidSafe™ is an online learning program that provides businesses, and now educators with the most relevant and practical information necessary to protect both customers and employees against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. CovidSafe™ training and certification sends a clear message that a business or school district has developed and implemented safety protocols that will be regularly reviewed based on federal and state guidelines as well as sound scientific research data and best practices. Separate training programs are available for educators, employees, and manager-facility. Course completion includes a printable CovidSafe™ certificate, downloadable signs, procedure lists, curriculum guide, and advertising. We can customize the program to meet your organizations needs.

Customers need a level of comfort and confidence to know that businesses and employees are exercising best practices, procedures, and protocols before they begin frequenting their favorite store or restaurant. Employees need to know that their owners, managers and co-workers have been informed and are following safe procedures, practices, and protocols to give them confidence and knowledge to perform their duties and protect their customers and each other. CovidSafe™ provides this essential reassurance to all parties. Contact us now to schedule in-class, customized CovidSafe™ Certifications for your specific industry. Classroom and hands-on training options may be available!

Test, Analyze, Certify Your Product or Service

CovidSafe(TM) Featured on Culture of Convenience Podcast!

The COVID pandemic has plagued us for over a year now, and as people begin to get vaccinated and cases decline, businesses and schools are asking, “If things are ever to resume normalcy again, how can we actively ensure the safety of our guests and employees?” Enter CovidSafe™.
This week, Jeff Kahler interviews Joe Rovinsky and Thom Greco, together exploring the certification behind getting businesses and schools up and running again. We’ll talk about what it takes to obtain certification and identify the one thing we have to overcome to get back to normal. CovidSafe™ just may be the answer to filling seats in spas, schools, bars and restaurants.

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The information presented in this learning program is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice or establish standards of reasonable behavior.​​

Operators who develop responsible CovidSafe™ service-related policies, protocols, and procedures are urged to obtain the advice and guidance of legal counsel. Although CovidSafe™ programs endeavor to include accurate and current information compiled from sources believed to be reliable, its licensors, distributors, and agents make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, currency, or completeness of the information.

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